Dr. Fuhrman Gentle Care Formula

Dr. Fuhrman Gentle Care Formula multivitamin and mineral supplement is appropriate for those with digestive sensitivities. It contains adequate amounts of essential nutrients that may be lacking even in a healthful diet, yet excludes any ingredients that have the potential to cause harm. Dr. Fuhrman is adamant about stopping the use of dangerous supplements. For example, several long-term scientific studies have demonstrated increased risks of cancer or premature death from the use of supplemental folic acid and Vitamin A. Gentle Care Formula excludes potentially harmful ingredients, such as vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin E, folic acid, and copper.

Gentle Care Formula also has other additional ingredients, based on the latest scientific research, to best support overall health. Gentle Care Formula supplement includes:

  • 1000 IU of vegan vitamin D3. For many people, 2000 IU vitamin D is an appropriate daily dose, but some may require more or less to achieve 25(OH)D levels in the optimal range of 30-45 ng/ml.
    • Dr. Fuhrman has incorporated less vitamin D3 in the Gentle Care Formula supplement compared to his Men’s and Women’s Daily Formulas to provide an option for those who require less than 2000 IU/day; specifically those whose 25(OH)D levels exceed the 30-45 ng/ml range on a dose of 2000 IU/day.
  • Salt is the major source of iodine in people’s diet, but as Dr. Fuhrman recommends, added salt is best avoided. Gentle Care Formula supplement provides 100% of the daily value of iodine to ensure adequate intake.
  • Older adults and those who follow a vegan or near-vegan diet require supplemental vitamin B12. Dr. Fuhrman’s multivitamin and mineral supplements supply more than the RDI for B12, to correct for inefficient absorption. We can only absorb a very small amount each time we ingest a B12-containing food or supplement. Gentle Care Formula contains 200 mcg B12 in to help ensure adequate vitamin B12 levels.

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